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Jeden Tag lasse ich mir "The Word of the Day" zuschicken. Ein wunderschöner Service, der von YourDictionary.com angeboten wird. Das heutige Wort: "Gardyloo". Schotten schreien das, wenn sie dreckiges Wasser aus dem Fenster kippen. ("At least the Scots will duck")


Today's Word: Gardyloo (Adverb)

Pronunciation: [gah(r)-di-'lu]

Definition 1: An exclamation to alert passers-by of slops or dirty water about to be dropped from a window above their heads.

Usage 1: The inhabitants of upstairs Edinburgh (and a few other areas of Scotland) traditionally shouted this warning before emptying their wash bowls and slop buckets onto the street below. It is a good word to know when strolling about Scotland, even if you don't use it much yourself.

Suggested Usage: If you are a college youth with so little homework that you have time to drop water bombs on innocents entering and exiting your dorm, you should show the courtesy to shout, "Gardyloo!" before "Bombs away!" At least the Scots will duck (get the pun?) But why restrict this rippingly cute word to warnings of plummeting liquid? "Fore!" on the golf course always struck me as a limp sound, too easy to ignore. I would be willing to bet that if you shouted, "Gardyloo!" far more people would make way for you.

Etymology: Philippe Auguste, who ruled France from 1180-1223, according to legend, received the contents of a chamber pot on his head while strolling through the streets of Paris. The upshot of this misfortunate incident was that all residents of Paris began to exclaim, "gare à l'eau!" (look out for the water!) before dumping their dirty washwater (and more sordid liquids) out of their windows onto the streets. Once the residents of Kiltland had added their magic to this sophisticated French phrase, today's word was created. (Leave it to Katy Brezger to find such a useless word with a silly sound attached to an absolutely fascinating story about us and the language we speak.)

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